The Six Recurring Hats or Roles CEOs Need to Assume

CEO roles

Last year I wrote a series of articles about the six hats CEOs may need to don at any one time in service to their organizations. I recently summarized the six roles for Entrepreneur in an article, which is republished in its entirety here.

What are the responsibilities of a CEO?

I’ve covered this topic in depth on this blog, but if you want to read a quick summary check out my latest article for Entrepreneur: The 5 Core Responsibilities of a CEO As I mention in the article, it’s difficult to do the job well if you aren’t clear on what you are supposed to […]

Why CEOs have power but lack influence just published an article I wrote titled “How Leaders Can Find Their Mojo.” Whether they admit it or not, many chief executives feel powerless in their organizations. Oh sure, they have power: They can hire and fire, acquire companies, reorganize whole divisions, change the company strategy, etc. But once an organization gets beyond 20 […]

Proceed with caution when choosing private company board members

I have had some interesting conversations over the last few weeks that made me realize many people view the role of private company boards far differently than I do. This may be because many of the board members in these companies don’t have significant board experience. Often they have brought money to the table but […]

Exit strategy

2014 Issues for a 2016 Exit – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, Bob covered three of the six issues he recommends you deal with now to accelerate your path to an exit: show credible numbers, acknowledge the intangibles, and recover from business entropy. Here are his recommendations on the final three.

CEOs: Choosing to Do Nothing IS a Decision

Good decisions provide the fuel that drives an organization forward, which is why decision making is one of my five key CEO responsibilities. However, I often I see inexperienced CEOs stall their organizations by struggling to pull the trigger on a decision. When I visit with these CEOs, they typically view the situation as merely a […]

Why do so many companies want to fire their CEO? – CBS News

Why do so many companies want to fire their CEO? – CBS News

This is a great article written by Margaret Heffernan for CBS Moneywatch. She discusses how CEOs are not prepared for the role and therefore don’t know what to do when they achieve it (my mantra for this blog). As I’ve written about before, most CEOs have gotten the job because they were superstar performers in their careers, meaning they have specialized knowledge in marketing, sales, engineering or another function. But the CEO role entails a unique set of responsibilities. As Heffernan says, “But once they assume senior executive positions, they need entirely different skills: networking, knowledge-gathering, consensus building, listening. They should be good at this – so why aren’t they?”