Quick guide to CEO decision-making

Making decisions is such an integral part of the CEO role that I devoted an entire chapter of my upcoming book to it. For a quick cheat sheet to making good decisions, see my latest article in Entrepreneur: 10 Steps to Quality CEO Decision-Making

The most important managerial skill

This is an excellent blog post by Bryan Goldberg, the founder of Bleacher Report. He says the most important managerial skill is “battle-picking,” or the skill of knowing when to let employees make decisions – even decisions that the manager believes to be incorrect – and when to jump in and dictate a solution. On […]

CEOs: Choosing to Do Nothing IS a Decision

Good decisions provide the fuel that drives an organization forward, which is why decision making is one of my five key CEO responsibilities. However, I often I see inexperienced CEOs stall their organizations by struggling to pull the trigger on a decision. When I visit with these CEOs, they typically view the situation as merely a […]