CEO business strategy advice falls short on the “how”

Business literature is full of advice for CEOs and leaders on what to do, but sometimes falls short on the how. Case in point is this article published by SmartBlog on Leadership titled “What’s the plan?

CEO roles and responsibilities

Six Hats of the CEO: Architect

The architect is the third hat in my series on the six roles of the CEO. Jim Schleckser, CEO and managing partner of the Inc. CEO Project, created the five hats of CEOs (stay tuned for my own contribution) and says the architect is one of the most important roles. It’s all about business model […]

CEO fail: The Master Strategist

CEO Fail: The Master Strategist

Last week I introduced you to another CEO failure mode: the Total Control CEO, who is so afraid of making a mistake that he or she tries to control every decision, no matter how big or small. While no one likes the Total Control CEO, it is also possible to go overboard in the other […]