Don’t Outsource Your Knowledge

I have seen this trend among CEOs. In general, the busier and more tactical they are the worse job they do as CEO. The captain of a ship doesn’t react to every wave in the ocean but looks out further and steers a steady course.

Mike Hawkins

Experts who track the world’s body of knowledge claim that it took from 0 A.D. to 1500 A.D. for the world’s prior knowledge to double. Now, with advances in technology and the proliferation of content on the Internet, they claim that the world’s knowledge is doubling every year. They forecast that by 2020, the world’s knowledge will double between every 10 hours to 10 weeks depending on whose forecast you read.

We are all experiencing this exponential increase in messages, postings, blogs, articles, websites, pictures, video, and other streams of data. With the imminent connection of data-capturing devices to every facet of our lives, including our bodies, there is clearly no end in sight for this information explosion. Yet is all this information really making us smarter? Is access to so much data purely good news?

I prefer to see the good in things, but I also like to confront…

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