“I love Khorus, yes I do.”

Thanks to Dan Graham, CEO of Austin’s BuildASign.com, for writing this article on his blog about his deployment of Khorus and the potential he sees in it to align his employees around their quarterly goals. They were using Google docs for goals management but, as he says in the post: “…as far as instant and company-wide visibility into any employee’s cascading goals and tracking progress goes – Khorus wins.” BuildASign is our biggest customer so far, and we can’t wait to hear how Dan and his team progress with the software!


Joel Trammell is a man of many talents. For one, he’s a serial entrepreneur with twenty plus years of successful experience; launching a handful of tech companies like CachelQ, NetQoS, and Lone Rock Technology Group – to name a few. For another, he’s a wildly influential Austinite – offering invaluable knowledge as a position on the board to groups like Black Box Network Services, Rise School of Austin, and the Austin Technology Council.

But beyond his inspirational achievements and community impact – Joel is the brains behind one of BuildASign’s most recent implementations: Khorus, Inc., a program that “provides a cascading goals framework to align every objective with your company’s strategic priorities. Using insight from every employee, Khorus displays an on-demand heat map of business performance.” Their mission is to align the world’s organizations for maximum performance.

Much to my team’s chagrin (for now!), I love Khorus.

The good news is, this is what pops up when you Google image search "Khorus." The bad news is, this is what pops up when you Google image search"Khorus." The good news is, this…

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