The Top 10 CEO Failure Modes

The 10 Most Common Ways That CEOs Fail In Epic Fashion

Regular readers of my blog know that I have an ongoing series about how CEOs fail. From the Cheerleader CEO (the worst, in my opinion) to the Master Strategist, I’ve taken my top 10 and summarized them in my latest article for Forbes. Check it out for a short synopsis of the 10: 

  • The Cheerleader CEO
  • The “My Favorite Child” CEO (aka the “BFF” CEO)
  • The Drop-In Carpet Bomber CEO
  • The Saint CEO
  • The Budget Tyrant CEO
  • The Budget Blower CEO
  • The CIA CEO
  • The Super VP CEO
  • The Total Control CEO
  • The Master Strategist CEO

If you want to read an in-depth explanation about these and several others, check out all the CEO failure modes on this blog. Since there seem to be innumerable ways CEOs can fail, I’ll continue posting new ones on the blog periodically.

Photo Credit: Nickogibson via Compfight cc

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